Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So boredom aka sober doom

i promise you we are NOT under the influence of anything.  except funny.  we are heavily influenced by that ;)

and maybe boredom.  but not even really that.  because we were doing other activities.  sometimes we just do stuff like this.  luckily, i had a flip cam handy :)  we were trying to perfect the art of the slightly crazy lazy (eye).  so we figured we'd take a couple pix; this is what happened when elana saw the result:

and these are some of the still images :)


  1. This is wonderful! I am left with two questions. Firstly, why did you blur the logo/saying on the sweatshirt? Secondly, do my eyes deceive me, or is a white scrunchie featured in this video?

  2. firstly...blurred to avoid any sort of copyright issues with that particular logo. secondly, yes, kind of... i look a hot mess with my white headband thingy... does scrunchie make headbands? or just ponytail tie things? whatever it is... it's doing a very poor job lol. ps...good eyes ;)

  3. Thank you for the "good eyes" comment. That is the closest to a compliment I have ever gotten on my eyes in my whole life (I am extremely homely). I don't believe scrunchie makes headbands..And although the white hair thang is quite practical, I would like to suggest that you branch out and opt for something with a bit more color. I know Halloween is over, but i really like this orange peepers scrunchie. They have 24 hr shipping. I am going to order one now. Wish me luck!!!!

  4. good luck! feel free to post a pic of you in it! (can you do that on these things? i should probably just get a 5 year old to explain all this stuff to me...)