Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Real Rules of the Road

This is Elana's license photo:

This is mine:

i tried to do something fun.  like 2 or 3 times, actually.  Mr. DMV wasn't havin' it. so i went the mugshot route.  in retrospect, maybe it wasn't the best idea because when i get carded, i always feel the need to tell people, "the picture is a joke; i'm not really that bitchy." or something to that effect...

But I've realized it's a pretty good visual for how we feel about driving in general.  

Below, we've complied some examples of what signs and signals really mean in the driving world.

actually we find that people floor it whether or not the blinkee is an asshole. i think it's an automatic reflex...

Another automatic reflex phenomenon...

And remember... always, always, always give the courtesy wave! you know....the thank you acknowledgement of roadway niceties...or you may find yourself receiving the other roadway wave. (which can include one of many single- or multi-fingered gestures)

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