Wednesday, July 4, 2012

F U,K (ellogg's)

I noticed it's now Independence Day.  How ironic that I'm enslaved by this Krap.  I mean Krack.  I mean cereal.  No I don't.  I mean Krack. 

That's what Kellogg's does.  They put Ks where Cs should go.  Like Rice Krispies.  Kellogg's Krispie Krack.  They are subliminally telling you they're evil with their letter choice  khoice.

Maybe the Kardashian's should expand their butts  brand and approach Kellogg's with a new cereal called "Bootylicious." (that will also be Krack filled with chocolate, eww... but the Kardashian name will command a higher price and status) I'm sure you'll be seeing that soon.  And I won't be seeing a penny from it.

P.S. beware of sales... that's how (street) drug dealers get you too!

...just a taste, man...

also... NEW! actually means "Noticeably Expanding Waistline!"

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I'm glad we can celebrate our freedom and independence by claiming someone else's land.  ...What, too soon?

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