Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh the pressure!!!

after a while of technical difficulties (read: i'm technologically challenged), i'm attacking the blog head on! i  didn't check the crash test ratings or anything, but that's what blind faith is for, i reckon.

and i'm assuming that phrase pertains to someone actually named "faith" and she's visually impaired but still has so much of a purpose that there's a cliche about her.  hope she lives up to her reputation.  how do i find her?  do you think i need an appointment?  she seems pretty well-known...

so now what?  this is the first post.  that's a lot of pressure.  it's how we, the free range females, are introducing ourselves to the world... oh god, first impressions are everything!  what if i screw it up?!  what do i say?  oh god, i can't handle this!

i'll just hurry and post something after this.  oh god, the time!  i have to go somewhere!  i'm a horrible procrastinator, and i've finally gotten around to doing this and i'm fucking it all up, fucking it all up, i tell you!

ok ok ok... i'll just post something, anything.  that will divert attention from this post onto the next.  that way, there's less pressure.  i said LESS.  oh wait... oh god... i've just placed so much weight on that second post.  it has to be the savior of this blog!  it's like having a second child because you popped out the wrong gender.  and you'd really better have a boy this time or else that's just one more mouth to resent and feed and yell at that there's starving children all over the world (but not in the jolie-pitt household).

oh i can't take this, get me out of here!

oh no!! 3rd floor!! life's worth living!

oh wait...that angle makes my ass look huge.  how 'bout now?

ah! get away!

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