Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Savior Post II, OR, Post 2: the savior post.

Weeee I have a blog!

i mean we.  WE have a blog.  elana is my other half -- of this comedy duo -- we're not like conjoined twins or anything...  but she wasn't around to take fun pictures, and i'm not about to try to photoshop her ass into mine.  

also, i realized that the title implies that there was a "savior post"  as in savior post, the original.  or if english is your first language or you don't work as an index writer or general filer...  the original savior post.  aka savior post 1. 

so i should rename it:  Post 2, the savior post... yeah i think i'll do that.  maybe i'll pretend i'm edward albee and put "or" in it.

please subscribe and give my life meaninng.  

LOVE ME!!!!!

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